Touring Key West

The view of the port in Key West from the cruise ship.

Even with the overcast weather, Key West was a blast to explore. We had no excursions or tours booked. All we knew is that we wanted to visit Duval Street, grab some local seafood for lunch, and then make our way to the Southernmost Point. The typical tourist things.

When we got off the ship, we learned about a hop on and off Sightseeing Trolley Tour with 13 stops around the island. We did a similar trolley tour in Savannah, GA and knew right away this was the way to go instead of catching taxis or Uber rides. With unlimited hopping on and off, plus a fully narrated tour to learn some history, we were sold.

I definitely recommend this option while playing tourist in Key West if you don't have a car so you can experience the things that interest you and then hop back on to rest your feet and just drive by the other stops still learning some history.

We (I mean me) had fun exploring the shops on Duval Street and the Village Market.

Bar Scene
We stumbled upon "The Smallest Bar in Key West" which K immediately wanted to check out. He deserved a cold one after trying to keep up with my souvenir shopping in the village.

This bar is about the size of a jail cell. Thank goodness we were the only patrons in there at that time.

Food Scene
Lunch at The Lobster Shack was amazing and K is still raving about their lobster grilled cheese sandwich! My lobster salad was okay but their lobster bisque was one of the best I've ever tried.

Tourist Scenes
After lunch we made it to the Southernmost Point. We came, we saw, we "conquered" the long line to get some photos in front of this Key West monument.

A friend recommended that we go to the Southernmost Hotel for the best Mojitos in town so that we did and enjoyed the beach-side bar vibe with reggae music.

Other sightings from the Trolley Ride

Our last stop was at Red Fish, Blue Fish for a drink before heading back to the cruise ship.

It was a fun day exploring and eating some good food in Key West. K and I have been dying to visit Key West but have only made it as far as Islamorada on a road trip for my birthday a few years ago.

I'm still not receiving blogger comments to my email and haven't figured out what's going on yet so I apologize in advance for not responding to your comments. Is anyone other than Steph and myself experiencing this issue?


  1. as far as i know, the comments thing is happening to everyone (i googled it yesterday). i am just manually responding to comments lol. i have never been to Key West, one day i want to and i will do all the typical touristy things. why not! i love hop on hop off things, easy way to get around a place. that bar is so tiny! and i want to shop in that duval village. looks so fun!

  2. We went to Key West on a cruise when I was younger, and I remember enjoying it, but I have a feeling that I'd enjoy it even more as an adult. I probably would have checked out the smallest bar in Key West along with K!

  3. I love the idea of a trolley hop and ride! That lobster grilled cheese sounds amazing! And that bar definitely looks tiny, but fun.

  4. Aw fun! I went to Key West with my ex and it was so fun! If you ever go back, you must hit up Hemingway House and Latitudes. You fit a bunch in with that trolley. Can't wait to see the Cuba part!

  5. I love our local trollies, so that's something I love doing when I visit other cities. Looks like a great time and Key West is on my bucket list of some day. Hopefully sooner rather than later while a friend is stationed there so we can stay with him!! Yes, the comments thing was acknowledged by Blogger yesterday in the forums, so hopefully they get it fixed ASAP. I did a test comment on my post today and checked notify me so we'll see if that helps until they fix it, I received both of my test comments.

  6. I have The Keys on my list of places to go and your photos look like it's a great time! I have heard mixed opinions so maybe I should hit it on a cruise ship instead of a destination?

  7. Love the rock candy swizzle stick on that drink. It looks delicious!! I definitely would have had to pop into the pie place... and probably eat pie. lol. That bisque looks so fresh and delicious!

  8. I would love to go to Key West. The food at that place looks so good!

  9. I love KW! I've been there eight times, but the last time I was there was over 10 years ago. My family keeps talking about going back.