Friday Faves

Yesterday's temps were the lowest it's been since 2010 in Central FL so we're feeling frosty around here and need all the warm clothes to bundle up.  Luckily I prepared early when I found some great sales on cute winter gear which arrived just in time!

 Cold weekends call for warm socks and cozy pajamas to snuggle up at home...

Shea Butter Thera-Soft Socks

Sateen Pajamas

Plush Indoor Slippers

EOS Hand Lotion
The cold weather gets my skin and hands so dry I walk with this lotion in my purse.

The Big One® Microfiber Pillow
The comfiest and most affordable pillows I've come to love!
Kate Somerville Tight'N Cryogenic
Have you hit the age where fine lines and wrinkles are starting to appear on your skin?
Read my full review on how amazing this tightening gel works so you don't have to resort to chemical treatments.

Cheers to Friday! Stay warm my friends...


  1. I love those pillows! And those socks/slippers look so cozy. We've had incredibly cold temps in Texas this week, but going to be 75 this weekend. So excited lol Happy Friday!

  2. Love Kate Somerville! Her stuff js awesome? The lotion is wonderful too!

  3. Stay warm down there in FL girl! These cozy pieces definitely look like they will help :-)

    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  4. I hope you enjoy a snuggly weekend at home! I really need those socks, my feet are always freezing! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

  5. You cozy little winter bunny you! Love those slippers! Hope it’s a sweet and snuggly weekend!

  6. Those slippers are so darn cute! It has been freezing all over the south lately it seems. My hands are so dry and cracked despite all my efforts to lotion up several times a day. Woof. At least we can look cute while cold with all the winter gear! Hope you have a great weekend!

  7. Extra fluffy socks are definitely a must when it gets cold! The EOS lotions are perfect for keeping in your bag because they're so small! I hope you guys warm back up soon!

  8. That EOS hand lotion is so great- I love how compact they are and great the scents are. Have a great weekend- stay warm!

  9. I love love love those spa socks--I have a couple pairs and they're my favorite in the winter time!!

  10. Therasocks are my favorite thing in the entire world right now... except for when the pads come off the bottom and I slip on the hardwoods... but that's user error right there, lol.