Never A Dull Moment: A Friend's Tinder Dating Stories

The stories of his Tinder dating adventures may be more hilarious to me because I'm on the receiving end of the story and luckily he has a good sense of humor when it comes to relaying the events of each date. Since I'm married and not in the dating world, it's refreshing and certainly funny for me to hear dating stories whether good or bad.

He's had some successes with the Tinder Dating app but I think more often than not, he's had some semi-nightmares including catfish experiences and just crazy girls in general. While he shared another crazy story with me a couple weeks ago, I thought it would be funny to shed some light on tinder dating on my blog. He fully agreed to it because you just can't make these stories up!

Before we proceed, he's given each girl a nickname and if you're one to get offended please exit my blog before making a nasty comment. Thank you!

This is all fun and games here and a lot of these are bedtime stories in the adult sense. I'll keep the stories/drama short and to the point with each date:

Rental Car Girl - They had met in person several times and eventually she invited him over one night. After watching some movies and hanging out, they got into bed at which time she told him she has a boyfriend. He immediately got dressed and headed home.

Catfished Hawaiian - After chatting through the app, she seemed like a nice girl so they agreed to meet in person which is when he realized her photos didn't represent how huge she was in person. That was the last date.

Disney Fanatic Girl - She seemed like a sweet girl and had gone on a few dates, but when he eventually was invited to her house he found it creepy that her entire apartment was filled with Disney figurines and Disney photos on every inch of her walls. It was a scene too scary to move forward with another date.

Piggy Pig Girl - She has a pet pig called Piggy Pig and spoke of nothing but this pet during heir date. She also carried pictures of the pig in her wallet. Obsession was clearly an issue up front. The worst part was that she only used profile pictures from years ago. Always do your investigation on people before meeting them!

B-class Sorority Girl -  They chatted several times via Tinder app but never met in person yet should would text him every hour saying she missed him. She was very liberal (not a big deal) but said she hated guns so he decided the best way to get rid of the annoyance was by sending her a photo of his gun collection. It worked!

Peruvian Girl - She invited him over and they enjoyed some fun in the bedroom, after which she fed him dessert in bed and then wanted to introduce him to her parents the following day. A little too much to absorb all at once!

Refrigerator Girl - He was having a small party at his house and invited her over even though they hadn't met in person prior. The long and short of it was that she broke his bed. The next day she thought they were in a relationship which he had to put an immediate stop to. He acknowledges this is partially his fault and probably should have just sent her home. 

Homeless Girl - She was quite attractive and agreed to come over for a house party he was having. The only issue is, she never left. We all gave her the name homeless girl even though he swore she has her own apartment. Anyways she lived with him for a month and told him she was an in abusive relationship prior so she had to appear in court. After he broke it off because she started acting a little crazy, he looked up her record and found out she was actually caught shoplifting from Target a few days before they met, which is really why she had to appear in court. The abusive relationship was a lie. Luckily all of his belongings are still in his home!

I thank God that I'm not in the dating world whether it's online dating or through phone apps. Don't get me wrong. I've seen some success stories with online dating but, in many cases, I've heard more nightmare stories than positive experiences from friends and family alike.

I hope you had a good laugh for my second edition of "Never A Dull Moment". You can read my first post on Never A Dull Moment: Vacationing with Family which is equally as hilarious.


  1. OMG that is crazy the things you encounter! lol I am so glad I am not in the dating world either, I can't imagine!

  2. As much as I feel bad for your friend, it feels so great to know that I'm not alone haha. I have a guy friend, who I actually went on a few dates with & that's how we met, & we swap dating horror stories all the time. Some people are just nuts.

  3. I am so with you and glad I'm not in the dating scene anymore. Tinder seems like a wild place!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  4. I have a lot of friends with dating site success stories, but I couldn't be more thankful to not be in the dating world, all of these apps and dating sites really bring the crazies out of nowhere. I have a hunch who this is, and you'll have to confirm it ;-)
    Green Fashionista

  5. Hahahaha I used to nickname the crazy guys I met before Chris. I have a few of these stories myself. I am so glad I am not in the dating scene anymore. It has gotten quite ridiculous, no. Thanks for giving me a few giggles today.

  6. Oh my he has had some adventures! Now that I am not out in that world anymore (thank god!) I should share some of mine soon. I feel so lucky every day that I am not on Tinder anymore.

  7. I seriously can't believe that these people actually exist! I'm really thankful to not be in the dating world anymore too! I think that I'd go crazy!

  8. I'm definitely with you and am truly thankful I'm not in the dating world!

  9. They got into bed and she mentioned she had a boyfriend. I'm sorry, but WHAT?! WHO DOES THAT? HOW DOES THAT COME UP? I NEED DETAILS. lol!

  10. Oh wow!! I can't believe one person had all these stories!! Soooo funny and a little scary too lol

  11. Sadly, I believe all those stories. I met my husband online through ICQ several years ago. But, before meeting up with my prince, I had to go through a lot of frogs. Most of the men I talked to were only interested in sexual relations and thought it necessary to send me d**k pics.