Friday Favorites

With Monday being a work holiday, this week seemed to just fly by which is always a great feeling! After the busyness of the holidays, I'm welcoming a fairly relaxing weekend which is perfect since the weather forecast isn't looking good!

On Fridays I usually post about some favorites from the week. Today I wanted to change it up and share favorites that are relevant to the theme of my blog (all listed in my navigation bar above).

Martinis & Bikinis is a Lifestyle Blog so I talk about a hodge podge of things which inherently means these are the things I love and enjoy doing.

Orlando Living

I talk about my weekend whereabouts and all the things I love about my city including my favorite sushi restaurants, happy hour hot spots...and other fun things to do.

I have a huge passion for traveling so this comes in 2 parts...

Travel Planning
The only trip I have signed and sealed for 2017 is Boston in the Spring and I'm super excited about planning out the details of that trip!

I'm sure there will be other travel adventures throughout the year once we figure out our work schedules.


Travel Recaps
A recent one was our company Cruise to the Bahamas last month and how much fun we had exploring Nassau.

That's me learning how to use a selfie stick. Still don't own one.

Style & Fashion

I'm a shopper at heart but I like to find the best deals and stock up when things are on sale. I mainly share fashion and beauty products that are very affordable, not that $3000 purse that nobody can afford. 


I love cooking and sharing new recipes. Sundays are usually when I have time to try a new recipe and share the details on the blog. My recipe posts have slowed down recently but I do plan to share some healthy new recipes for 2017 such as this Jalapeno & Swiss Stuffed Chicken dish.

My Life: Family & Friends

With all of the fun things aside, I don't share too much details of my family life to keep a level of privacy from the internet creepers.

What I can tell you is....
- K and I have parents that are still married (40+ years)
- We both have one sibling - both sisters
- Our extended family is huge on both sides & very close knit
- We have no kids but Lola is the love of our life (and a handful enough)
- We have a great group of friends in Orlando 
- Both of our best friends are from childhood days

Happy (almost) weekend and I hope the weather treats you better wherever you are!


  1. Well I for one can't be happier that you are finally coming to Boston!! Sounds like you know the dates too - so let me know!! I love all your travel recaps- my favorites for sure!! Happy weekend girl! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. So fun that you already have some travel on the books! We have a wedding in Charleston in the next month and a lake house trip during the summer (with an infant--will be interesting haha). Travel plans to look forward to are the best!

  3. So fun to learn more about you! And love all your travel details and trips!! Have a great and fun weekend!

  4. Just more reasons to LOVE YOU!! Boston will be a blast, we have 3 trips planned so far, the third undecided, it will be for my mamas 70th in November, just not sure where to take her yet? Somewhere warm and sunny for sure. I always love and like to try your recipes, can't wait for more! Have a wonderful weekend gorgeous!

  5. yay i love this! i love your recipe posts and prob my fav are the travel ones! planning ones are the best. ok so are recaps haha. have a wonderful weekend!!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  6. I'm trying to make a trip to Boston this spring too! And yes to new recipes! I love trying out new recipes on the weekends! Happy Friday! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  7. Yay for your trip to Boston, I'm sure you'll get plenty of amazing tips from B as well as a fantastic blate but I can let you know some must do's and see's as well. And yes to all the affordable fashion and of course amazing friends and things to do here in Orlando. So glad to call you one of my favs here in town. Happy Friday gurlie <3
    Green Fashionista

  8. Happy weekend!

    I need to get to Boston sometime soon to meet my BFF's daughter.

  9. Boston this spring is going to be so much fun, and I can't wait to hear about it! I always love reading all of your travel posts and all about the fun that you have in Orlando!

  10. Yay for a trip to Boston, I want to go so bad, will be looking forward to the planning and recap posts! I love all of you fun around Orlando too. Have a great weekend!

  11. Yay, I'm so glad you're going to Boston! It's such a great city! I love reading all about your travel and travel recaps. Actually, I need to go back and reread your Denver post again because we are going in February! :)

  12. Do you have any plans for Boston yet?? Most of my favorite places are in Cambridge but you should go see the Mapparium! It's in a Christian Science library, and the audio is cheesy, but it's actually really cool!!

  13. I have always wanted to go to Boston! I bet you will have so much fun. I think it is really cool that you and K both have parents that have been married for a long time and both have childhood friends still. Those are rare things to come by these days.

  14. Boston is amazing and you will love it! I shared some fun things to do on some posts that you may enjoy :) I always love your recipe and travel posts! Can't wait to read more this year!

  15. I loved this roundup of your blog (and love the variety in your posts). You guys will have so much fun in Boston, I'm sure you will get a ton of recs, but we ate at an Italian restaurant that was our favorite and we sometimes joke about going back just to eat there again, haha. Going back to pin that recipe because we never got around to trying it when you first posted it and it looks so good!