2016 Year Recap: Part 3


K and Lola share the same birthday on the 5th so we showered Lola with some doggie treats and then shortly after traveled to Nashville to celebrate K's birthday on Labor Day weekend.

We had such a blast exploring "Music City". I've never been a huge fan of country music but on Broadway Street you really hear some great talent which made me become an immediate fan.

The girls and I planned out Kate's baby shower and we decided on the perfect theme based around her love for travel (which we both have in common).

I shared all the cute details of her travel-themed baby shower which was probably the cutest baby shower I've attended to date! Not being biased or anything.

I traveled to Bradenton to go to my SIL's bachelorette party and it was so much fun. We did an Oktoberfest Craft Beer Tour through Sarasota and it was so surprised by all the local breweries we visited and that I never knew existed.


Many relaxing weekends were had compared to the months prior. Our Bahamas cruise was planned for early October but Hurricane Matthew swept in and the cruise got cancelled.

We started decorating our home and I shared some furniture and decor style I picked out for our home.
I shared some delicious recipes for Fall along with some cute swimsuits with coverage (in anticipation for our company cruise) and fun tips for hosting brunch at home.

We attended my SIL's wedding which was beautiful and had amazing food!

I got to meet Kate's baby fashionista and loved every moment of snuggle time with her.


We hosted a housewarming party for friends.

I talked about starting a series called "Never a Dull Moment" and shared our Family Vacation Edition which came with many mishaps and misfortunes sprinkled into all the fun.

We drove up to St. Augustine to celebrate a good friend's birthday and enjoyed exploring Florida's oldest city and all the good food and history it has to offer.


Our company cruise to the Bahamas got rescheduled for early December so I shared the details of that trip and cruising on the Majesty of The Seas ship and exploring Nassau.

We started decorating for the holidays and I also shared some girl friend gift ideas.

My birthday is in December so K planned a weekend getaway to Islamorada in the Florida Keys which was an amazing little vacation.

The following weekend Kate and the girls planned a birthday brunch to celebrate my 33rd.

My job threw a company luncheon to kick off the holidays and gifted everyone with Citizen watches which was a huge surprise.

We celebrated Christmas with family in Florida and this was the holiday card we sent out to family and friends this year.

Wrapping the year up and looking back, I'd say 2016 treated me very well and I'm looking forward to new adventures in 2017!

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  1. ah, i forgot kenny and lola have the same birthday! so sweet. and nashville is still a city i need to explore more. so many fun things! and i agree - that theme for the baby shower is the cutest!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. I'm still obsessed with Serena's shower... And so glad Matthew wasn't as bad as predicted! Cheers to 2016, girlie!!

  3. Y'all really did get to visit so many fun places this year, and I love that you fell in love with Nashville! I'm also super jealous of your company cruise too!

  4. Such great travels this year for you! Nashville really is such a great place! Here's to an even better 2017!

  5. Your Christmas card is the cutest and you guys had such great travels!

  6. Lola is the star of the holiday card. It's just the way it goes.

    MFD threw Nashville in the ring again for next year, but I'm not sure if I'm dying to go there.

  7. aww love your holiday cards! happy belated birthday!! 'baby fashionista' aww so cute :) you might be biased but you aren't wrong, that is the cutest and best baby shower theme i've ever seen :) you guys did a great job! can't wait to see what you get up to in 2017!

  8. Still loving your Christmas card, and I can't get over how amazing Serena's shower was. The details were absolutely perfect <3
    Green Fashionista

  9. So many fun things! I'd love to visit Nashville someday, I've only ever heard great things about it! Love your Christmas card!

  10. You had such a fun year!!! The baby shower really was so cute!!! And I love all the decor you picked out. Cheers to an even more fabulous 2017!

  11. Definitely a great year for you girl! I was jealous of all the traveling you were able to do! Had a ton of parties towards the end of the year, which is always fun! Hope 2017 is even better for you guys!!