2016 Year Recap: Part 1

Ashley from Wandering Weekenders visited from Texas and we organized a blogger dinner and drinks meetup at Universal Studios City Walk. It was a chilly night, as you can see we were all bundled up in coats and scarfs, but it was a fun night meeting Ashley and her husband while they were in Orlando.

I started off 2016 on a roll with making new recipes and sharing on the blog although that seemed to slow down as the months went on. I shared some of my favorite recipes for easy meals I created in the kitchen and a delicious recipe for homemade Moscow Mule cocktails.

Coincidentally we had another blogger meetup when Meg from Borrowed Heaven came into town for a Disney Run. Kate and I met Meg for lunch along with the husbands at Sea Dog Brewing Company which was such a great time meeting in person.

In February I also posted about some beautiful Caribbean Homes I visited while traveling in the islands.

I shared one of my favorite party-pleaser recipes called Bite Me Dip and featured some of the best restaurants in Orlando (according to me).

K and I went to St. Augustine for a weekend getaway to explore of one of my favorite Florida cities full of history, shopping and great restaurants!

I posted about some of the Best Happy Hour Spots in Orlando (according to me) on the blog.

We also threw our annual Easter Dinner for friends and shared some fun Easter Entertaining Decor & Recipes.

I tagged along on one of K's work trips to Miami. We stayed in Coral Cables which has a cute downtown area so I had a day to myself to walk around Miracle Mile and browse through the shops.

I was all about healthy eating and shared some fun springs salads along with sweet & savory salad recipes perfect for the warmer months.

I talked about shopping for a new home and weekends spent with my BFF.

We went to Cocoa Beach one weekend and then ventured to Wekiva Island the following weekend to enjoy the great weather and the "greater outdoors".

At the end of April we found our dream home and started the paperwork process while also trying to sell our current house.

I found that dream kitchen and it become ours.

It's always fun looking back at the year to reminisce and remember milestones, accomplishments and all that happened during that time. This is probably while blogging is perfect for documenting your life because, otherwise I wouldn't remember half of these happenings.

Happy Holidays my friends!


  1. So much good food & fun times! I do love that kitchen!

  2. Still loving your gorgeous kitchen, and yay for all the blates we had earlier this year! Can't wait to see all the fun 2017 has in store. Merry Christmas gurlie <3
    Green Fashionista

  3. That's one of the reasons that I love blogging too! I don't think that I would remember half the little things unless I had blogged about it or taken pictures of it for the blog! I loved getting to meet all of y'all while we were visiting last year!

  4. i agree - love blogging for remembering all the things i would normally forget lol. love how bundled up you all are in the january picture haha. and your kitchen still makes me swoon. so pretty!

  5. Love that y'all had so many blogger meet-up's this year! Wish I were able to see you when I was there in March!