Summer Essentials

When I think of summer, I think of weekend days lounging by the pool and a few trips to the beach for some sun, sea and sand. Luckily I already have a few trips planned so I'm excited about that! With the weather almost being summer-like here, I have my favorite essentials ready to go.

Packed Beach Bag
I have a beach/pool bag that remains packed with some essentials all year round. Can I go to the pool or beach all year round? That would be a no. But why unpack everything when I can have my beach bag ready to grab and go for that one perfect weather day.

Here's what's in the bag:
* his and hers beach towels
* waterproof bluetooth speakers
*  SPF sunscreen
* SPF tanning oil spray
* Lip balm with SPF
* hand sanitizer
* small body spray
* small hair brush
* a fedora hat

Swim Suits & Cover-ups
Of course some good fitting swimsuits and cover-ups are needed and, from the name of my blog, you can probably tell I'm all about cute bikinis and just swim wear in general. PHAX Swimwear, a fashion focused swim/surf brand out of Colombia, contacted me about their brand hitting the shelves in the USA and asked if I would be interested in ordering some of their products. Of course I was interested!

I chose a beautiful jade-colored bikini to go with the Samburu cover-up from their Spring 2016 Ortulivo Beah Lookbook. I can tell that all of these pieces are great quality because of the super soft material. Their swim suits contain LYCRA fiber which helps the material to move and stay true to your shape to get that perfect fit.

PHAX is offering my readers a generous 30% discount at checkout with the coupon code: shopmartinisbikinis


What I really like about PHAX swim wear and clothing is that their product line is very fun and vibrant which is perfect for summer. Everything is also hand made (from cut to stitch to embroidery) so that's pretty impressive! I get nervous ordering swimwear and underwear online because you really need these things to fit perfectly for your body. Thankfully the sizes for the bikini top and bottom piece were perfect. The cover-up (pictured below in blue) I ordered a small but it runs more like a medium. The good thing is loose fitting cover-ups are comfortable so it doesn't need to be returned.


I have a few pairs of sunglasses that I rotate depending on the outfit and occasion. My current favorite are these Michael Kors Aviators pictured below. They have purple mirror lenses which you can't really tell from the photo.

Never leave home without some cold water or sparkling water bottles to stay hydrated and if you're looking for some spike in your refreshments, I'd definitely recommend Skinny Girl Cocktails. They are all light and refreshing but I happen to love the Mojito and  Cosmo cocktails.

Waterproof Flip Flops
I mean this goes without saying. Comfortable shoes in general are always needed throughout the year but when it comes to summer, cute flip flops are a must. My current lust are these beauties from Tory Burch which are also waterproof.

Activities & Fun
If you're heading to the beach or the pool some entertainment might be needed. This could be reading material or water/land activities and sports such as volleyball or racket ball. Whatever peaks your interest, make sure to pack it in your beach bag so you don't get bored.

What are your summer essentials?

The PHAX products were provided to me complimentary in return for my honest review of the products. All opinions stated above are honest and accurate based on my true experience.


  1. And now you have me craving the beach! :)

  2. Cute suits!!! The beach sounds amazing...

  3. This seriously made me so excited for summer! I cannot wait! Love all the swim suits

  4. Is it time for vacation yet?!?!?!?! I love those cover ups and those flip flops and now I am going to be dreaming about the beach all day.

  5. Love the beach bag and the swimsuits! I can't wait till it's warm enough to go to the beach!

  6. i am forever on the hunt for a really good beach bag. i like this one. it's adorable!

  7. A packed beach bag is a must. I have to have polarized sunglasses for the beach!

    Nice gear from Phax!

  8. SO happy beach season is finally here! Absolutely loving that tote and yes to everything you have in it! I don't know what I did before my bluetooth speaker! Can't wait for my first beach day! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  9. Oh goodness, I am so ready for SUMMER now!

  10. I want the pool--NOW! I would add a big giant flamingo float to this list, but other than that you nailed it ;)

  11. I love that tote. It's perfect for the beach.

  12. ah what a great list! that suit looks awesome - and all handmade? the cover up is cute too! would go with all suits. and you have to have a good tote for the carrying of all the things from sunscreen to skinny girl :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  13. That looks like such a great line of swimwear! I definitely need to get a new beach bag this year & I love the cosmo skinny girl too!

  14. I love that you prepack your beach bag--what a smart idea! Oh, man.... I love this. I can't WAIT for summer!

  15. Oh now I am seriously craving summer!! What a great bag for all your goodies!!! I need a beach or a pool soon before I go crazy, lol.

  16. YES to all of this! Loving those TB flippies and of course Skinny Girl cocktails for the beach/pool! I need to scoop up some new coverups this year to spruce up my current collection <3
    Green Fashionista

  17. I need the beach in my life stat! I don't have a trip planned until July, need to find a way there sooner! I have similar TB flips that are a staple and of course I love a good skinny cocktail! I love all those suits, I am going to peruse some now!

  18. I love the fact that you already have a beach bag packed and ready to go! I seriously think that I would die without chapstick with SPF in the summer, and I love the idea of bringing bluetooth speakers too!

  19. I really like the blue dress and flip flops. I always have a packed pool/beach/lake bag. I agree, no need to unpack and repack because it is all the same stuff I always use in water areas and probably nowhere else.

  20. That is such a smart idea to have a beach bag packed! Seeing as how I'll be 30-45 mins away from the beach once I move to Houston, I need to take some notes from this post. Also how cute is that bikini?!

  21. Those are some beautiful pieces. Love that cover up… and how smart to leave a beach bag packed!!?

  22. Okay now you have me totally craving a beach trip haha!

  23. Can I come live on your couch for a few weeks? Haha. It's snowing here in Colorado.