Influenster Refresh VoxBox

I've been a member of Influenster for a while now and get VoxBoxes here and there to test and review if the products strike an interest with me. The #RefreshVoxBox didn't disappoint and included a variety of nutrition, beauty and personal care items; all of which I would use in my daily routine. 

Nutrition Snacks

Beanitos Chips: I wasn't familiar with Beanitos chips before receiving these two samples but I really enjoyed both - Restaurant Style & Nacho Cheese. They are full of fiber and protein and also gluten-free so that's good news for those that avoid gluten. I'll definitely purchase them again cause I think they are one of the better tasting chips out there minus the greasiness of some brands I won't mention.


Skinnygirl Nutrition bar (5 for $5 at Target): I love Skinnygirl products including their cocktails but haven't had a chance to try their Nutrition bars so I was excited to see a bar was included in the #RefreshVoxBox. I got the Banana & Oatmeal Dark Chocolate bar which was very tasty and the perfect on-the-go snack. I'm not a huge fan of banana flavored stuff so I will try another type when I purchase.

Beauty Products

Covergirl UltraSmooth Foundation & Applicator: This is the product I was most excited to receive because I recently noticed it on the shelves at the drugstore. Ultrasmooth contains Olay serum and is meant to provide medium coverage for a more natural look. The flat, rubbery applicator is not like any others I've tried but it does it's job and blends well. I plan on continuing to use this product because, luckily they sent me the correct tint for my skin tone.

Montagne Jeunesse Face Masque: I've tried a couple Montagne Jeunesse face products in the past and was never impressed enough to re-purchase but I did enjoy the experience with this face mask. You apply after washing/cleansing your face, let dry for 15-20 minutes and then peel. I loved the smell and how my face felt after so I think this is one of their better products for the face.

L'Occitane Shea Butter Comforting Cream: I've never heard of this brand but the cream is formulated with 5% shea butter and made for normal to oily skin.  I really liked how it made my face feel after I applied to a clean face after showering at night. I'm going to keep this in my skincare regimen as a night cream (and I'm pretty picky with my facial products). 

Dental Care

Listerine Pocketpaks: I've never been a huge fan of Listerine mouthwashes. I use gentler mouthwashes but the pocketpacks aren't a bad gig to keep in your purse to freshen your breathe on the go. I like these!

DenTek Floss Picks: I've used floss picks before but always resort back to traditonal dental floss. I really liked these ones though. They were effortless to use, easy on my gums and give off a minty flavor. I'm excited I have 30 count pack for many more uses.

I don't have kids so I'll be giving away the DenTek Fun Flossers to a friend for her to test out with her kids but I'm sure they work just as effectively as the adult flossers. 

I received these products free from Influenster to test and review. 

Have you tried any of the above brands?


  1. That's a really great vox box! I have to say getting the tint in your correct shade is a major win!!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. great selection there! i love the skinny girl bars - my personal fav is the dark chocolate pretzel! yum! xo

  3. I've never heard of those chips either but I'm intrigued especially since you said they taste good!
    I wouldn't have liked the banana flavored bar either but I love bethennys skinny girl stuff!

  4. What a great box! I think I would try the foundation for sure.

  5. I had been wanting to try the Skinny Girl bars too but I agree, banana is not my favorite either so I'm going to have to pass on that one haha! But I'll definitely give the others a shot! And getting the foundation in the right color is a definite win! That never happens for me!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  6. You got some really great beauty items!! I've seen that foundation in the stores but the applicator always scared me. lol

  7. haven't heard of bean chips either but they sound good!

  8. That's such a great box! I love Beanitos! So tasty. Also a big fan of the L'Occitane hand lotion. :)

  9. You're good! I need to get this post together.

    We liked both types of beanitos too.

    I need to open the foundation to see if it suits my skin.

    I used to love a L'Occitane product and used it for years but they discontinued it so I won't buy their stuff anymore.

  10. This is such a good variety of products! I like that it's all stuff you can actually try, not just random things you probably wouldn't really use. That face moisturizer sounds so nice, I've used the L'Occitane hand creams before, but never any face products.

  11. This looks like such a cool voxbox! I wish I would have gotten this one! I got a men's cologne one to give to my husband and it was just a sample size at that. Boo! I want a cool one again like this one!

  12. Great shipment! I've been wanting to try out the SkinnyGirl nutrition bars, and that looks delish :)

  13. This is such a great VoxBox and so perfect for those resolutions this time of year!! I've used face masks from that same company and love them. That Skinny Girl bar flavor looks so good!

  14. You got a really great voxbox! So cool that you got skinnygirl in the box. My reality tv/ real housewives watching self is impressed.

  15. Ooooo. . .all kinds of good goodies!!! I really want to try that Covergirl stuff now. The sponge looks interesting. And those chips look yummy!!!