Friday's Favorites: Weekly Recap

Happy Friday! 
Although it was a short work week for me, it's been tough trying to get back into the swing of things after our Chicago trip and I'm also running on little sleep so definitely looking forward to the weekend.
Did you hear that U2's new album, Songs of Innocence, is now available for download for free from iTunes? I heard about it on the radio and sure enough all of the songs were sitting in my iCloud. I haven't listened to any songs yet but what do you think of this? Some people are pissed because they don't want the album. I'm totally cool with free music and how terrible can U2 be?  Anyways, if you want to find out how to get the songs over to your iTunes from iCloud, click here.
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Favorite Buys:
All my souvenirs from Chicago. I think I made out pretty good.

Favorite Quote:
Get it? I think it really applies more so to my professional life and the business person in me ;-)

Favorite Recipe:
A healthier version of Indian butter chicken from the ladies over at Bump & Run. 

Favorites from Chicago:

Fun with friends at Wrigley Field (Cubs vs Pirates) and drinks in Wrigleyville after the game.

And of course all the great restaurants we visited...

Favorite Funny:

Have a great weekend!

Joining Amanda and Lauren today for their weekly Friday linkups.


  1. Dangggg you got all the goodies on vacation! Jealous! That Absolut bottle is so cute! And definitely pinning that butter chicken recipe... yum! Have an amazing weekend!

    <3, Pamela

  2. Love that last Paris advice!

    You know Chicago is the first trip in an eternity that I didn't buy one thing? No shirt, no coffee mug, no magnet. All typical buys for us. MFD didn't either! I meant to buy the professional skydeck pic but forgot.

  3. hahaha that Paris meme! Also, that chicago vodka!! Is it flavored or just in a pretty bottle??

  4. LOL at the Paris pic! I need this weekend to recover from Chicago too and jumping right back into work... so much to do and SLEEP!

    Happy Friday gurlie :)

  5. oh that paris thing, so hilarious and kinda sad :( and hot damn I LOVE love love butter chicken so i am checking that recipe out fo sho!

  6. You made out like a bandit in Chicago. That Paris meme is too funny! Poor guy, there is no recovering gracefully from that error.

  7. I am dying laughing about that Paris picture - whoopsie! LMFAO! Have a great weekend! xo

  8. That butter chicken recipe looks amazing!

  9. That Paris picture is so hilarious! That poor guy. I love all of your Chicago souvenirs!

  10. Oh my gosh that last photo is hilarious!!! I'm not usually a fan of Indian food, but making it at home might be better!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  11. Oh that quote is everything!!!! I need to plaster that on the walls!

  12. Bahahaha... that Paris meme is hilarious!
    That food... gahhhhhh... food is always my favorite part about vacays! hahaha