Let the Long Weekend Begin

I couldn't be more excited about this 3-day weekend. Labor day weekend last year was spent with friends at a beach condo lounging on Florida's west coast.  This year I've opted for a go-with-the-flow kind of weekend with hopefully lots of R&R.
So what's been going on with me this week? 

Well our bank account got compromised. That's always fun, right? On Sunday, I went online to check our balance to see what damage was done over the weekend and also figure out a budget for the upcoming week. I noticed a charge on our account that didn't look familiar but since K and I share the account, I don't always know what's being spent 100% of the time. K didn't seem to recognize the charge but I went along with my day thinking I was just going crazy and forgetting something. A few hours later, I signed back into my account so I can rack my brain a little more about this charge but instead I saw some more charges being racked up over the past few hours. We hadn't even left the house on Sunday. Something was definitely wrong because both of our cards were safely in our wallets! We called the bank to report the charges and found out someone an hour away was swiping our card away on a little shopping spree...that would be a fake card with our info. The most recent charge was $85 at a sushi restaurant but got declined because they had pretty much drained the account. This person has some f#ing nerve! Anyways, our bank was really helpful and worked with us and we should be getting back the money in a week or so. Thankfully! It's really quite scary how easily these people can just hijack your bank account and access your money.

On to some better things and joining Amanda and Lauren for their Friday Linkups.

Oh technology! Ordering lunch and paying the tab via an iPad at Carmel Cafe. This almost eliminates communicating with a server except for ordering drinks/water and the server running the food to your table. Not sure how I feel about technology replacing jobs but I do like seeing photos of menu items to help with the ordering process.

Outfits that transition from work to happy hour. I actually wore this several weeks ago when I met up with Kate and Pam for happy hour.

I caved and bought the Alex and Ani bracelet of the month. The seahorse bangle was calling my name and I wanted to get the $5 discount before they discontinued the offer. Having an A&A store a few blocks from my office is proving to be trouble.

Favorite funny: 
I am guilty of this and having zero patience on the road.

Happy hour beer is calling my name so 5pm needs to hurry it up! Two of my favorite beers this week are Sea Dog Blueberry and Kona Island Lager.

Enjoy the long weekend!!!


  1. Loved your HH outfit! That jacket is so cute! And I was debating on getting that A&A bracelet too! I can't believe next month's will be out in just a few days! Hope you have a great weekend!!

    <3, Pamela

  2. So sorry to hear about your bank account!! That is not good! I can't believe people live to rip other people off! :( Those beers looks tasty so I hope your day flies by!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Ughhhhh I've been hearing about more and more people getting their bank accounts hacked... I just wonder how people are spending on someone else's account without an actual card? I understand online purchases, but a restaurant?! Craziness! Glad you guys caught it and got it all taken care of ;-)

    Looking forward to the long weekend for sure! Were you guys still thinking beach time at all?

  4. Yikes - sorry to hear about the bank disaster and that is some freaking nerve to try to charge $85 worth of sushi - I mean how does one even rack up a bill on that much sushi lol!! Love your cute outfit and hope you have a relaxing weekend like you hope for!!

  5. So sorry about the bank theft, so annoying to have to deal with it. Such a cute outfit and the bracelet is perfect! I totally do the same thing when the light turns green! What are they waiting for already!!! Hehehe!

  6. bahahahahah seriously girl I have some terrible road rage! I have an alert on my cc whenever anything over $100 is spent I get a text message.....it's great peace of mind! Thanks for linking up!

  7. Raaage over the bank account situation. Why do people have to steal?

  8. I am not even joking, but as I am writing this, I'm also doing defensive driving for a speeding ticket that I got in July. Eek!!!! I guess I feel the same as that gorilla! haha

  9. That sucks! I check my account often because I'm afraid of getting my accounts hacked somehow. did they tell you how they got your information? Thank goodness that they are getting the money back soon!

  10. Yikes sorry about your account! We have a long weekend as well! Hope you enjoy ours in spite of the drama with the account :)

  11. hahaha i get mad at people when they dont go fast enough. i used to work at a bank and would see shit like that all the time, so scary! glad you got it sorted though!