Weekend Staycation & Charity Gala

Hope everyone had a good weekend! I got to catch up on a little R&R, but just a little...

Friday night was pretty relaxing, thankfully! We had dinner and drinks with some friends to catch up with them and then spent the rest of the night watching movies at home. Life recently has been so busy every weekend, I haven't had a Friday night on the couch in a long time.

On Saturday night, K and I went to a charity gala to support children and families in Central Florida battling childhood cancer. The event was sponsored by my company so they put us up in a hotel by Disney for the night. It was a nice little Staycation!

The gala had live music, poker & other table games, dinner & drinks and several different auctions. We didn't do so well at the table games but it was a nice night out for a good cause. Some of the families shared their stories and expressed how the proceeds really help them especially since parents often have to give up their jobs to care for their children full-time. I was glad to be a part of it!

On Sunday we had breakfast at the hotel and then headed home. I made a pit-stop at the VS semi-annual sale and scored some $3.99 undies. Always good to restock, right?

The rest of Sunday was spent cleaning, grilling (recipe to come tomorrow), and watching the World Cup.

How was your weekend?

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  1. VS goodies are always a reason to stop! I was THIS close to avoiding the semi annual sale until a catalog showed up and H started picking out new bathing suits and I figured hey if he actually wants me to shop then what's stopping me?! Haha...

    P.S. You and K looked fabulous at the gala! :)

  2. Friday nights on the couch are seriously the best - especially after hectic weeks! So nice that your company put you guys up at the hotel and it looks like a fun event!! And I totally agree - you can never have too many undies!! Hope you have a great Monday!

  3. Movies at home on a Friday are sooo much better than heading out I swear. I love your staycation! I think if I lived in FL Id be having staycations every week haha

  4. If I had my choice, I'd never go out on a Friday night.

  5. Sounds like a fun weekend!! I'm headed out to check out some VS undies this evening!

  6. Oooo such a fun weekend!! Happy Monday!


  7. What a great staycation. The Gala looks like it was a success. Never say no to Victoria's Secret. ;)