Beach Bound for the Long Weekend

I've been looking forward to this weekend for months now since we plan to spend it with friends out on Florida's west coast. We're going to a wedding tonight at a resort on St Pete Beach and the rest of the weekend will be relaxing on the beach, catching up with friends, BBQ-ing and inevitably drinking way too much. Let's not fool anyone here!

*Announcement* Tuesday Recipe Swap will be taking a break next week 05/27 due to the holiday on Monday.

I met up with Kate for lunch on Wednesday since her new job is literally walking distance from my office so we got to catch up and start planning our trip to Chicago later this year. We'll be meeting up for more lunches & happy hours in the future since we work so close together now.

I was most excited to come home to find this package from Blue Avenue waiting for me. The dress is just as gorgeous in person and fits perfectly. Blue Avenue is Jordon's brand new online clothing store with some pretty fabulous pieces (plus free shipping). Go check it out!

Last minute trip to the nail salon to get my nails prettied up for the weekend. I swear I love walking into the salon and hearing "Hello Emily" by all the ladies and they remember exactly what I like to get done. They also get me in and out quickly on my lunch break so no waiting around.

I was supposed to get my hair done last night just in time for the wedding today but my hairdresser cancelled on me last minute so I stopped for some happy hour drinks after work. I'm pretty bummed my hair is going to look like crap for the long weekend. Ah well!
I NEED to remember this for the weekend!
(and well, for every wedding, birthday celebration, bachelorette, etc...)

Hope everyone has a fun and safe Memorial weekend!

Joining Lauren for H54F and April for Five on Friday.


  1. hahaha that last ecard! so true! love it. i would love to be going to the beach, jealous! that dress is absolutely gorgeous! now i want my nails done...

  2. Fabulous dress! Have a wonderful time this weekend, it sounds like it's going to be a great one!

    The recovery is why I don't drink a lot any more. Old and lame and learned that the hard way!

  3. Loving that dress! Have an amazing time this weekend! And YES to many more lunches :)

    And that ecard is spot on (unfortunately!)

  4. Nooo, I was hoping to linkup next week ;) I will have to catch the linkup another week! That salad looks delicious- I'm always on the hunt for creative ways to make salads a little bit better! I hope you have an amazing beach weekend!

  5. Woohoo have a great weekend girl! Love the pedi colour!

  6. I hope you love the dress!! I can't wait to see you rock it!!
    That ecard is WAY to true. Recovery is the WORST!

  7. That dress is gorgeous! And I learned this past weekend at my cousin's bachelorette that even though I'm only a year out of college, my recovery time is not the best. But cheers to more celebrating and failed recoveries this weekend! Have a great Memorial Day! xo

  8. That dress looks amazing! Can i just have that salad now! My your liver survive this weekend! ;)

  9. That ecard is soooo true (so sad, but so true)!
    Have a great long weekend!

  10. wish I was at the beach this weekend despite the crowds

  11. Wow..lovely pink that, color of dress just awesome .