Shopping Weaknesses

These are the things that usually drain my bank account although my shopping is on hold after our recent trip to the outlet mall and some bad decisions great finds made while drinking wine and shopping online at last weekend.  Those damn coupons never stop coming! Someone bought herself a new comforter set. Hopefully it's just as beautiful in person when it arrives this week.

If it was even remotely possible, I would own unlimited amounts of:

~ Comfy pajamas
~ VS workout clothes and yoga pants
~ Pretty necklaces
~ Cute tops for work & going out
~ Girly iPhone cases
~ Watches: like this one from Kate Spade.
~ Sunglasses
~ Sparkly tops like this one from Old Navy
~ Extra large purses & wristlets

What's your shopping weaknesses?


  1. I tend to go through the same shopping spree spurts... once I spend a lot of $$ I end up finding more good deals at other stores I can't pass up and before I know it I've gone overboard :-P

    Pretty watches and designer hand bags are my weakness too and can't get enough!

  2. I have a huge addiction to Victoria's Secret. I placed 4 orders during their Semi-Annual sale. It was ridiculous. I love the yoga pants there though. The perks if you have their card is really too good to pass up.

  3. My eyes immediately flew to the sparkly champagne-colored thing in the top right corner. I didn't know what it was, but I was absolutely sure I needed it.. until.. I noticed the price! Gonna have to save up for that one for the next couple months, er.. years! ;)

  4. I love all of this, especially those pink sunglasses and the polka dot phone case!

  5. I am so bad when it comes to shopping, I do the whole "I only need a 30$ shirt" then I see that it's free shipping over 100$ so of course I need to spend an EXTRA 70$ just to get that free shipping, God forbid I pay for shipping. Ugh, it's such a problem.

  6. I love that necklace! I also binge while shopping online. I'll be good for weeks then I'll just buy too much stuff.

  7. I can NEVER walk into lululemon without spending money. I don't let myself check their website either!

  8. Looking at all these pretty things makes me wanna shop. Online shopping is a blessing and a curse sometimes, but I love finding great deals!

  9. Girl scout cookies are all around here too :)