Back To Reality: Travel Adventures for the Holidays

I'm home! I'm back! Hi everyone!

It's always sad when your vacation comes to an end but I was happy to be back home on Friday and had the weekend to relax and catch up on my blogs before going back to work today.

K and I traveled to Trinidad & Tobago for a week to visit family & friends for a late Christmas and to ring in 2014 in the sunny Caribbean.  We spent the first 3 days in Trinidad.

~ Ocean view from my grandmother's backyard
~ K and I drinking coconut water
~ Quality time with my sister and cousins
~ View of Port of Spain (the capital of Trinidad) from a lookout
 ~  Dinner & drinks with the girls
~ Ziplining the next morning with my cousins and family
~ My cousin returning on the zipline
~ K and I enjoying some Carib beer on the way to the beach
~ Beautiful Maracas beach

We then flew to Tobago with my parents and sister and spent 3 days enjoying the beautiful beaches, touring the island, seeing friends and ringing in the new year.
View from the plane leaving Trinidad and landing in Tobago.
Tobago Adventures...

~ View from our hotel in Tobago
~ K and I enjoying the beautiful weather and views
~ We went to a casino one night and K won some money on the black jack table
~ drinking Caribbean Rum Punch at lunch
~ View of Blue Waters Bay 
~ Met up with some girl friends on the beach
~ Fireworks on NYE night
~ Local food - curry conch and dumplings
~ New Year's day was spent relaxing on this beautiful beach

We flew back to Trinidad and went out with my girls for one last hurrah before catching our flight the next day back to Florida. I'm seriously going to miss my family and besties until we visit again.

Happy New Year everyone and thank you to the lovely ladies that guest posted for me while I was gone!

How did you ring in 2014?

Joining Bella and Lisa for the Weekend Recap Linkup.
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  1. OMG what a FUN time! It looks like you had an amazing time with friends and family. My New Years Eve wasn't as much fun, and I only wish that I could spend New Years Day on a beach.

    Found you through the blog hop!♥
    Renee @ Gettin' Fit Fab

  2. Looks like you had such a fun vaca! It's always hard getting back in the swing of things after a lovely time off!

    Thanks for linking up!

    xo Lisa

  3. So glad you're back :)

    Looks like you guys had an amazing trip and I feel like every time you guys go down there this time of year you come back to a cold front here. You guys need to start bringing the warmth back with you!

  4. coming back from vacation is the worst!! looks like you had the best time!!

  5. Looks so much fun!!!! Welcome back to chilly central Florida.

  6. Oh wow! that looks like the perfect vacation with family and friends! Lucky you Emily!!

  7. I love holidays and shopping, pure enjoyment.