The Birthday That Keeps Giving

I just have to say, I have some amazing friends! After celebrating my 30th with K in Savannah last week, my girls wouldn't let me get away without celebrating with them...Kate and friends planned a birthday party at a Greek restaurant, which was SO much fun!
This isn't just any restaurant, they make you dance on the tables, learn belly dancing, throw napkins in the air and do shots like your 21 again...We had a BLAST!

And to top it off, the girls all got together and bought me this beauty for my birthday. Way to make a girl feel special!

Joining Bella and Lisa for their weekend Linkup.

What a great weekend spent with friends :-)

2 more days 'til Christmas everyone!
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  1. I'm so glad you had such an amazing time, such a fun night and you deserved every second of it <3

  2. Happy 30th Birthday! There is nothing better than to be with loved ones during birthday celebrations.

  3. Oh that is an awesome way to celebrate not just a birthday but a dirty thirty :)

    I think you have great friends for them pitching in to get you such a great gift! Let us know how you like the Clarisonic :)

    Thanks for linkin' up!