Happy Fall Friday!

Thankfully this week flew by for me and the weekend is here so that I'm grateful for. 

After saying goodbye to my parents on Monday (who had been here visiting for 2 weeks), I started some fun new projects to occupy my brain & I'm pretty stoked about both:

#1 My long overdue blog redesign is underway and will be here next month!

#2 K and I booked our trip to Savannah, GA for my 30th bday in December :-)

So other than that, here's what I've been doing...

~ K brought home this pretty pumpkin to surprise me so I guess we'll be doing some pumpkin carving action this weekend.

~ Black nails with a little sparkle for some Halloween spirit.

~ More bathroom redecorating going on in the B household...Picked up this pretty shell wall art from Marshalls for the master bathroom. My love for the beach has now become apparent in all 3 bathrooms. yikes!

~ Snagged this jumbo bottle of wine for $7.99 from Publix sooo my Thursday night was spent hanging out with that glass and the TV. No worries in the world.

~ Yesterday was the first "sweater" day in FL, so I dusted off my comfy granny slippers from VS last night and lounged around with my glass of wine.

Cheers to the weekend!

Joining Darci and Lauren for Five on Friday.
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Hope you had a great week too!
Got any pumpkin carving tips for me?


  1. I still get a kick out of you considering mid-70's sweater weather ;-)

    P.S. LOVE your nails!

    Happy Friday :)

  2. That bottle of wine is exactly what I need to do this weekend. Hope you have a good one!


  3. Ahh I want to go to Savannah SO bad!!!!!!

  4. Mmmmmmmmm wine and an awesome nail polish job. You and I sound alike :)

    Have a great weekend love!

  5. hey doll! found you on the linkup and am following along now. yay!!! aaaaand now i am wanting to copy your nails. LOVE!