Becoming a Martini Connoisseur

I'm far from being a connoisseur but I do love to drink them. Now I just need to master the art of making them at home instead a paying $10+ for a martini when I go out.

My personal favorite are dirty martinis (vodka, not gin) with blue cheese stuffed olives so that's my recipe for today. Here's what we're gonna need to become a martini connoisseur:

Dirty Vodka Martini w/ Blue Cheese Olives

Vodka of choice:
Grey goose is the best in my opinion but I'm often stuck buying slightly cheaper brands so whatever fits your budget.  We'll need 3 oz of vodka per martini.

Dry Vermouth:
Only need a splash or about 1 oz per martini.

Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives:
These can actually be purchased in liquor stores or you can make your own by stuffing queen size olives with blue cheese crumbles. Will also need about 1/2 oz olive juice per martini.

 Fill shaker half way with ice and shake all liquid ingredients well. A variety of shakers can be found at Amazon such as this one:  Premium Cocktail Shaker Set - 24 oz Stainless Steel 

Martini glasses: 
Serve in cute martini glasses & garnish with blue cheese olives.

I have this set at home and, for $9.99 from Amazon, you can't go wrong. (It makes you feel drunk just looking at the glasses) Kidding. But seriously, they're really cute and durable glasses.
Libbey 4-Piece Z-Stem Martini Set

 Hopefully it turns out looking something like this:

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  1. lordy I LOVVVVE an extra dirty martini so much!!!! This is perfect!