Alma Mater Pumpkin Carving

Luckily, both K and I graduated from the same college so it was easy deciding how we should carve the pumpkin this year. Our Alma mater is University of Central Florida (UCF) so we decided to represent pumpkin style.

This design required a drill so I let K do most of the work and we love how it came out ;-)

Oh and K created his own little meme to share on Facebook.

Funny, funny! (Although it was very true)

Now I gotta go to Spirit Halloween tonight to look for cheap Halloween Masks or Wigs for us to give out candy tomorrow. Amazon Halloween Shop also has great deals but it's a little to late to do online shopping now. 

Have a Happy Halloween tomorrow!


  1. Cute! My husband and I have never carved pumpkins.. We should probably get on that ha

  2. Love the e-card K created!

    Glad the drilling worked out for you guys, ours was a big fat fail last year so we stuck to carving this year :-P

  3. haha! I like the Hole-y design. Somehow I feel using a drill might be a little easier than using a knife!