Summer '13 Bucket List

Hi everyone! 
I'm off to New York tomorrow so I actually get to cross #1 off my bucket list. Eeee!

Soo excited to explore The City for the first time, visit the Statue of Liberty and 9/11 Memorial, and try all the amazing food that I hear NYC has to offer.

I also wrote my "lifelong" Bucket list a few months ago which includes everything I hope to accomplish at some point in my life. Big dreams over here ;-)

What's #1 on your bucket list?




  1. This sounds like a lot of fun. I have two things I really want to do this summer and if nothing else happens, I will be happy (rather two places to go). 1. Seattle - I need to visit friends and really want to show my husband all my favorite places from college. 2. Camping trip to Eastern Oregon. There are some beautiful places out there for pictures...

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  3. That looks like a fab summer list!! I wish i was going to the beach!

  4. I'd like to join you on most of those items :)

    New Smyrna is much prettier than Cocoa, you just have to pour your beverages into cups ;)