Hello Fabulous Friday!

 Hey pretty ladies! I apologize for being MIA most of this week. My job has been consuming my life BUT it's Friday and I'm excited to relax and have some fun this weekend!

Linking up with Lauren for High Five For Friday.

#1- Excited for sunny beach and pool weather. My friend (and the groom from last weekend's wedding) and I popping a champagne bottle after our pool party got rained out. We transferred the party to the bride & groom's hotel suite.

#2 - I got my makeup done at the MAC store last weekend for free with the purchase of $50 worth of makeup. The makeup artist did my eyes a little bolder than I was hoping for but it's still a great deal and I'll definitely be going again for weddings and other special occasions.

#3 - My outfit for the wedding last weekend. Short navy blue dress with brown belt & shoes and my grandmother's pearl necklace.

#4 - I made Caribbean Curry chicken in the crockpot last weekend and it came out yummy! I cooked it on high for 6 hours, although it could of as easily been done on the stove for much less time. I used this recipe.

#5- I'm thinking of buying a Wall Decal/Sticker with one of those cute sayings for our bedroom. I spotted one at my Dr's office this week and she said they can be purchased at Joann's.

I hope everyone has a super fun/relaxing/sassy weekend! I'm already ready for a strong martini and it's not even noon yet ;-)


  1. AHH! Your eyes look awesome!!!!

  2. I love your makeup! And that dress...fabulous!

  3. I love your wedding outfit! I want that dress! Thanks for visiting me-I'm following on bloglovin:)