Travel Tuesdays: Nassau, Bahamas

We visited Nassau for the second time last October when we went on a 3-day Royal Caribbean cruise. It's a beautiful island with some cool things to see.
The Port in Nassau
A childhood friend of mine now lives in Nassau so we had our own personal tour guide on our most recent trip. She took us to an ocean-front restaurant called the Beach Club Cafe which was amazing.

She introduced me to the best Strawberry Mojitos on the island.

If you are visiting Nassau, I also recommend you take a tour of Atlantis Hotel. You can walk through their huge aquarium or go have fun in the water park.

Sands Bahamian Beer is my favorite and Conch fritters are definitely worth trying if you are visiting the Bahamas.
Linking up with Helene today for Travel Tuesdays.
Helene in Between 
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  1. looking at these pictures is basically torture- the water is so pretty!! i need to go to the bahamas!!

  2. Oh my gosh! That water is just unbelievable, paired with that beer and conch fritters (especially with that DIP!) would make for the perfect day!!

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  3. The picture with your toes in it could easily be a postcard. That water is gorgeous!

  4. Still so sad we missed out on that cruise *tear*

    It looks beautiful there! And I've heard amazing things about conch fritters but sadly I'll never know (seafood) dagnabit! :-P