Travel Tuesdays: Negril, Jamaica

I'm excited to join Helene's brand new Travel Tuesday Linkup today. If there's one thing I love, it's  traveling although I feel like I've barely but a dent in the map but I'm working on it. If only we were all rich and didn't need to work to make a living?
Helene in Between 

Today I decided to talk about my trip to Negril in Jamaica. Maybe because I've been missing sunshine and warmth for the past few day or maybe simply because it was absolutely beautiful.

My cousin decided to have a destination wedding at the RIU Negril resort last summer so it was the perfect excuse for our family to reunite from different parts of the world on a sunny all-inclusive resort in Jamaica.

This was the view we woke up to every morning.

Jamaican Jerk Cusine.

We were pretty excited about staying at an all-inclusive resort but we didn't expect them to take it as far as having liquor dispensers in the hotel rooms (which the housekeepers refilled daily).

Negril is known for it's 7 mile beach so we had two tour guides take us on a boat cruise around the Negril coast.

We stopped at Jimmy Buffet's Margartiville to get a drink and check it out. While returning back to the boat, a local offered us 'Shrooms. Yeah that really happened....and no we did not accept. (That was the only negative experience on this trip)

Our last stop was at Rick's Cafe which is a must-see for anyone visiting Jamaica. They have food, drinks, live music and cliff-diving. We didn't jump off the cliff but instead watched the locals do it.
Our tour guide did some flips off of the cliff for us to get on camera.

We had a fantastic time in Jamaica and cannot wait to go back again soon! I can't wait to read about everyone else's travels.


  1. wow this is gorgeous!! i have been to Jamaica one time and loved it! i loved the food and the people were so cool!

  2. Absolutely Beatiful! Can't even imagine what blue sea water is like in person!