Cyber Monday Sales

What deals do you have your heart set on today?

I've already purchased most of my Christmas gifts so I've been trying to avoid additional shopping but the Cyber Monday promotions continue to flood my inbox. 

Some sales that I've been browsing through today are:

Coats and jackets are over 50% off at Macy's so I've found some huge deals like the two jackets below both going for $17.99 (originally priced at $59.50).

Cyber Monday only comes once a year right? 

Have some fun with it!


  1. Thanks so much for the Kohls code! That'll come in handy since I'm ordering a purse for my sis-in-law ;)

  2. stopping by from green fashionista! you have such a cute blog!!

  3. Thanks Helene! I'm following your blog too :-)