Winery Weekend

It was a relaxing weekend with some fun with friends on Saturday. The weather was cool and crisp so it's definitely feeling like Fall in Florida and I'm not complaining. My parents and sister arrive on Friday so I spent a good amount of the weekend getting our house organized and stocked up with food and lots of wine!

I had a relaxing Friday night at home crafting winter wonderland centerpieces for my company holiday party. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out even though I shattered one of the candles in the process so there was glass everywhere. Still finding shards of glass up until today.


On Saturday I met up with Kate and some friends to celebrate JQ's birthday at Lakeridge Winery.  We taste tested a bunch of different wines, caught up while listening to live music, and did some shopping in the gift shop.

The gift shop had gorgeous displays for Thanksgiving and the Holidays. I may or may not have bought 7 bottles of different wines to take home. It was a nice time catching up with the girls and celebrating JQ's birthday.

Sunday was rainy and pretty uneventful. I shopped some of the online sales (Macy's & Kohl's) and did all the Sunday things - grocery shopping, laundry, and just getting the house organized for the arrival of our guests this week.

Joining the lovely Biana sharing my weekend whereabouts.