Weekend Sunshine

We spent the weekend in sunny Bradenton, FL visiting family and exploring the cute downtown area. When we got into town on Saturday, our first stop was at Caddy's on the water for lunch in the Tiki bar area. The weather was perfect!

 K had an appointment at the tattoo parlor to get the awful tattoo he got almost 10 years covered up with a quarter sleeve. I decided to get my tattoo which is now 15 years old touched up with new color so it looks brand new. More to come on that when our tattoos heal.

My SIL took care of Lola while we got our tattoos done. After the torture of the needle, we went for a drink at one of our favorite bars downtown Bradenton. It's dog friendly and we've been taking Lola there since she was a puppy.

On Sunday we woke up bright and early at 6:30 am because of the time change so we relaxed at the hotel, went for breakfast and watched some TV.

We still had a few hours to spare so we took Lola on a walk down to the marina.


We met up with my in-laws & SIL for a delicious lunch/brunch and then made the drive back home to get settled in for the work week ahead.

Joining the lovely Biana sharing my weekend whereabouts.