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If you've been watching the news, you probably already know that Hurricane Irma is heading her way to Florida. We are as prepared as can be with food, water, and other supplies but you just never know how strong it will be.

My heart still goes out for Houston. These devastating natural disasters happening back by back is just scary!

Having said that, K and I were supposed to board a cruise ship this Saturday heading to Cuba which has been cancelled. I'm not upset about it because no one wants to board a ship during a hurricane. The cruise line is going to refund us all our money but we got such a great deal for the trip and looking at the same cruise in future months is almost double the price so I bummed about that.

We will take the weather as it comes and have a weekend staying safe indoors, hopefully.  The whole point of this post was to link up with Kristen sharing my life's updates from August so let's get into that...

August Recap

Looking back at August, it's evident it was a fun-filled month. Most of my "adventures" I've already shared here on the blog in my weekend whereabouts but there's probably a tidbit or two that I didn't get around to mention.

We celebrated my favorite neighbor's birthday big kid style.

The following weekend we brunched for Kate's Birthday and I got to spend some time with Baby Fashionista.

I traveled to Denver with friends to catch a concert at Red Rocks Park and got to reconnect with my college roommate who now lives in Colorado.

Work-related: I hired a Marketing Intern to help out with some of my workload so that's been a huge relief.

My goddaughter keeps getting more adorable by the day. I just love her! The videos my Bestie sends me just melts my heart

We celebrated Lola's 3rd birthday on Tuesday. We bought her a special treat from Woof Gang Bakery as we've done every year for her birthday. 

Lola 1st birthday photo

K and Lola share the same birthday so we spent Labor Day weekend celebrating K's birthday in and around Orlando at Universal Studios, brunching with friends, and throwing a BBQ/Pool party to end the long weekend.

And that's what's been new with me!