Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Review + Giveaway

I've tried several different home teeth whitening products over the years that I've liked to varying degrees. None that I can say I loved or had remarkable results. The problem with me is that I've never made teeth whitening a priority in my routine which has left my teeth looking stained and quite dull from coffee, wine, etc. Having very sensitive teeth also limits my options or at least makes me wary of many of the whitening products that don't have a desensitizing factor.

A few weeks ago I started using the Smile Brilliant Whitening System for Sensitive Teeth and saw significant results only after a couple uses. Admittedly, my busy work and travel schedule didn't allow me to whiten daily which would have significantly sped up the process but once I got into my routine of teeth whitening at home a few times per week, the results were remarkable.

What immediately drew me to Smile Brilliant's teeth whitening kit is that it costs significantly less than whitening at your dentist's office (which can run about $300) and it's proven to provide much faster results. That alone saves time with the added convenience of teeth whitening at home without having to "sit in the chair" for hours.

How it Works
Smile Brilliant sends you a package with mouth trays along with a Catalyst Paste & Base Paste which, when combined, makes a putty to form dental impressions.

Make Your Dental Impressions
Make your impressions with the putty & plastic trays included and mail everything back to the lab in the pre-paid envelope included.

The Lab Creates Your Customized Trays
The SB Lab will create and ship your custom-fitted teeth whitening trays within 5 business days after receiving your impressions. The mailing/shipping process was effortless. 

Whiten & Relax!
The custom-fitted whitening trays along with the whitening gel (which you can use from 45 minutes to up to 3 hours) will provide noticeable results. If you have sensitive teeth, using the desensitizing gel in your custom tray for about 15-20 minutes after whitening will reverse the sensitivity.

The average person needs about 7-14 sessions with consistency being key. As I mentioned, I struggled with consistency but after 10 sessions of whitening, here are the results!

I didn't whiten every day or even every other day as the instructions recommended. It took me a while to find a routine but after using the teeth whitening gel for about 1 hour at a time followed by some desensitizing gel, I'm really impressed with the results.

If you're interested in trying out Smile Brilliant's Teeth Whitening Kit, you can use the coupon code martinisbikinisblog to receive 10% off the retail price.

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This giveaway is open to residents of the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia.

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This post was sponsored by Smile Brilliant but the full review above is my true and honest opinion of their Home Teeth Whitening kit.