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Weekend Happenings

The weather really warmed up for us in Central Florida so it was a sunny weekend although I opted for lots of relaxing and catching up on sleep.

Super Bowl Weekend

I'm not going to lie and say I'm big into football. I actually know very little about the sport despite being married to one of the biggest football fans ever but, when someone throws a party, I'm all about the mingling. This is how the weekend played out...

Weekend Happenings

The weekend was a relaxing one. The extent of my fun was at a Baby Shower luncheon yesterday. The bubbles, Asian-fusion dishes, and catching up with friends made it the perfect way to cap off the weekend.

Weekending: A Picture a Day

Keeping it short and sweet today since that's pretty much how the weekend was. Always too short right?

Returning to the Cold + TBB Asks

Good morning friends! It's been a while since I've been able to connect with the blogging world. If you follow my blog or even social media (Instagram or SnapChat: emilyalisonb), you probably saw that I flew into Trinidad for Christmas and didn't return until this past Friday.

Winery Weekend

It was a relaxing weekend with some fun with friends on Saturday. The weather was cool and crisp so it's definitely feeling like Fall in Florida and I'm not complaining. My parents and sister arrive on Friday so I spent a good amount of the weekend getting our house organized and stocked up with food and lots of wine!

Weekend Sunshine

We spent the weekend in sunny Bradenton, FL visiting family and exploring the cute downtown area. When we got into town on Saturday, our first stop was at Caddy's on the water for lunch in the Tiki bar area. The weather was perfect!

Weekend Celebrations

I happened to be downtown for a work meeting in the morning so I treated myself to some delicious tapas for lunch at Kasa Restaurant.


Weekend Whereabouts

~ I went for a relaxing and long overdue mani and pedi on my lunch break. My intention was to go with Fall colors but I walked out of there with pink sparkles.
~ After work I met up with K for a quick happy hour.

Weekend Flow

The weekend was a relaxing one. I was either sleeping, lounging at the pool, or working on some projects on my computer. I did venture out on Sunday for a few hours which was much needed!

Weekend in NYC

Good morning! Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend. 

If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat (emilyalisonb), you might have seen that I was in NYC over the weekend.

Long Weekend Celebrations

What an action-packed weekend! Thankfully we have a short work week ahead. A friend from Boston was in town visiting over the long weekend so we definitely kept busy showing him a good time around Orlando. It's always fun playing tourist in your own city as he did the same for us when we went to visit him in Boston back in June.

Back-to-School Throwback

Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend. I'm joining Andrea and the lovely ladies over at The Blended Blog sharing my answers to the Back-to-School Edition of TBB Asks.

Weekend Happenings + TBB Asks

We meet again on this Monday morning so I hope your coffee is strong and the week goes by quickly. I had a great weekend but it's never long enough, right? I got off work a little early on Friday so I finally made it over to the new Nordstrom Rack to do some browsing and a little shopping, nothing crazy.

Weekend Whereabouts

It was a gloomy weekend in Orlando which was the perfect excuse to be productive around the house and just enjoy some R&R. I was hoping to catch some rays of sunshine by the pool but that didn't happen with the overcast weather and flashes of lightning.

Still Vacationing....

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone enjoys the holiday tomorrow. We'll be heading back from Mexico tomorrow so I may need a few days to get back into the swing of things but rest assured lots of fun travel adventures will be coming up soon on Martinis & Bikinis Blog!

Weekend Whereabouts

The weekend was one of pure relaxation. I slept in until 10:30 on both Saturday and Sunday mornings so you could say I feel fully rested and ready to get this week rolling.


It was a weekend of sweet relaxation and not much on the agenda except a ladies night. Most of Saturday was spent relaxing and doing stuff around the house and then lounging at the pool even though it was a little overcast.

Weekend Happenings

We meet again on this Monday morning which means it's time to recap the happenings from the weekend. I hope you enjoyed yours!

My weekend turned out to be more relaxing and productive than expected.  I'm usually too exhausted from the work week to do anything on Friday nights but somehow I had a small pop of energy so K and I met up at Carrabba's for a quick happy hour followed by a delicious dinner.

Carrabba's is definitely one of my favorite Italian chain restaurants because of their Chicken Bryan dish which is topped with goat cheese and sundried tomatoes. That and the mussels are so good!

I mentioned on Friday that it turns out I have Tendonitis in my right foot so I have to wear the boot of doom for two weeks. Right foot = driving foot so my mobility is limited or at least very inconvenient with this big bulky thing.

Kate and I had plans to meet up with a girl friend on Saturday for a wine & apps picnic by the lake. Unfortunately our friend came down with a high fever and had to cancel so plans changed and I went out with K to do some shopping and errands.

I restocked on some of my favorites from Bath & Body Works. We go through those foam soaps so quickly and I can't live without their small hand sanitizers to keep in my purse, car, and for traveling.

Saturday evening I worked on so many projects from blogging to photography along with stuff for work and I finally made the Green Tea Body Scrub created by Alexis from the Chemistry Cachet. I like the idea of a natural body exfoliator and the rose water gives it a nice scent.

On Sunday afternoon we went to a baby's 1st birthday party for our friend's son. It was nice catching up with a few friends and seeing everyone's babies as they grow before your eyes.



Baby Jacob and Mom opening gifts.

On Sunday night we tried our hand at grilling lamb chops for the first time. Lamb is one thing I've never attempted to cook but K whipped up an amazing marinade and the lamb with smashed cauliflower and caesar salad for the sides couldn't have been a better Sunday night dinner.

Joining the lovely Biana for her Weekending linkup.

Weekend: Purple Hair Don't Care

The weekend was exactly what I wanted with lots of relaxing, some pampering, shopping the President's Day sales, and dinner with friends.

I mentioned last week that I went to Tampa on Thursday night for a work conference which was at a beautiful resort on the water.  My coworker and I grabbed a bite to eat and caught a beautiful sunset before the conference kicked off. I didn't get home until super late so I was too exhausted to do anything on Friday night.

On Saturday I had a hairdresser appointment to get my highlights touched up and added in some purple/lavender streaks to change things up a bit. I love how it turned out!

I got roped into the President's Day sales at Target and Kohl's and picked up a few goodies for myself!

Tassel Drop Earrings  /  Gold Layered Choker Necklace

"I Don't Do Mornings" Graphic Sweater

We had dinner reservations on Saturday night with our neighbor friends at a new tapas-style restaurant. The food was amazing and we really enjoyed their company. My neighbor guy especially is hilarious so I was laughing for most of the night with his funny comments and jokes.


Sunday was all about relaxing and being productive. I finished off a work project, got my blogging on, and did the usual food prep, laundry, and other adulting stuff one is required to do.

Joining the lovely Biana for her Weekending linkup.