Twice The Blessings, Twice The Fun: High Tea Party

After a busy work week, a quiet Friday night at home was just what the doctor ordered especially since lots were on the agenda for Saturday and Sunday.

I woke up bright and early on Saturday and relaxed a bit before prepping for the tea party of the year since twin girls are on their way! I made mini quiche and fruit skewers and headed over to my friend's' house to help get set up for the baby shower hosted by her family.

I spent most of the week prior crafting and designing signage for the shower like this one for the "Momosa" Bar to add to the tea party theme her sister and niece came up with.

After months of planning, the team effort made by her family and a couple of us girls, came together perfectly. So many cute details were put into this tea party themed baby shower for the twin girls.

We also came up with cute names for each dish like Angeled Eggs, Double Trouble Scones, Empa-dadas, Twincesses Cake.... among others.

Cute table decor and diaper cake created by the mom-to-be's sister, Melanie.

It was an amazing day celebrating a special friend and her two blessings on the way.

On Sunday morning I went to volunteer at The Ronald McDonald House with my work team. We grilled burgers and hotdogs for lunch and served it to the families staying at the house. Everyone was so grateful for the meal and thanked us as they left. It was so heartwarming.

The purpose of RMHC is to help families:
* Stay together during their child’s medical crisis
* Reduce their stress and financial burden
* Feel less isolated and find a network of support to help them cope

Joining the lovely Biana sharing my weekend whereabouts.