Always Welcoming the Weekend

Happy Friday lovelies!

Other than busting my ass at work, this week was pretty uneventful but I guess that's not a bad thing. I actually feel well-rested despite increased work hours + unruly cute puppy that's potty training + rain & fog causing my commute to almost double (don't even get me started on stupid drivers). Either way, this weekend will be used to sleep in and de-stress with a small chance of productivity.

I'm know I'm late to the party but I signed up for a free trial of Amazon Prime this week. I've obviously been in the dark about everything this membership comes with (other than 2-day shipping). I'm still figuring out all the perks but I'd love to hear from those that use it, mainly:

(1) What do I need to take advantage of during this 30-day trial?
(2) What really makes continuing with the $99 membership worth it?

 Joining the lovely Amanda and Tif for their Friday linkups. 

Favorite Accessories:
My growing Alex and Ani bangle collection. It's been fun customizing my collection around the things I love and being gifted some new beauties from K & friends.

Favorite Recipe:
This healthy Chicken Chickpea Salad from Ambitious Kitchen looks amazing!

Favorite Fashion & Hair Looks:

Favorite Funnies:

Have a great weekend!!